Thamanyah, Arabic for Eight, is a Paris-based label founded in 2011. Under the creative direction of Ahmed Abdelrahman – born in the United Arab Emirates, and a protégé of Michèle Lamy -, Thamanyah’s style would most precisely be described as modern anti-conformist, high tailoring. Infusing volumes and lines of the modern male wardrobe from the GCC countries and Italian bespoke tailoring, Ahmed Abdelrahman proposes a new silhouette that calls into question notions of race, religion and gender.

Here the Q&A to discover something more about THAMANYAH, and the peculiar vision the designer behind the brand.


What was your first fashion memory, and how fashion entered your life?

I remember being in Kandora fitting as a child. The process of having a Kandora created just for me and adapting it to my body proportions to the last millimeter left a lasting impression.


Could I please ask you to define your aesthetic vision?

The importance of western culture in the world is changing, especially in fashion. Seeing people of different races and religions in New York, London, Hong Kong and Dubai wearing my interpretation of a Kandora or Ehram, looking so beautiful and modern, and feeling as comfortable as an arab would be in them is what my vision is about.


Where do you catch your inspiration from? And in particular what’s the main inspiration behind this Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection?

From my own reality and that of the Gulf countries: from the desert, bedouins, folklore, sand dunes, mystery, traditions, asphalt, steel, pipelines, glass, concrete, petroleum, poetry, calligraphy…. all of it.


Do you have any muse, a kind of woman/man you take inspiration from and whom you design for?

I’m inspired by the beauty of bedouin women and men, and by middle eastern costume in general, something that is often misunderstood. The mystery and the sensuality of it. By covering the body one can draw more attention to certain parts of it. The eyes, the hands etc. some of the most beautiful and sensual parts. I design for those who appreciate a more subtle approach to fashion.


How much your life and mainly your work is influenced by our by now 2.0 reality?

It’s a reality of the time we live in. It’s a necessity for me since I live between Dubai and Paris and work often in Italy I need to be constantly connected to the internet. My work on the other hand isn’t so much influenced by the current 2.0 reality as it is reduced by it. I think those who appreciate my clothes, have seen them first hand. They understand the construction, the touch of the fabrics, the weight or lightness of them on the body etc. something that cannot be conveyed through a digital medium.




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