We’ve spotted pictures of 00:00:MM all over Le Marais walls, was that a throwback to old-school guerrilla marketing? in what ways the streets influence and inspire you?

You said it. Being introduced to the graffiti culture at a young age, streets are and have always been a main influence in my work. Guerilla marketing, also called Guerrilla warfare, comes from graffiti. Making a name for yourself and stick out of the crowd by all means at minimum cost.
This collection is called Analogue vs Digital, which also translates in « past vs future », and these antagonisms are sometimes represented in the graphics via references of warfare, i.e Samurai vs Hacker : the ancestral mercenary vs. the digital-era warrior. Just like graffiti, they both answer to their own code of conduct, and even though they are all very different, they coincide at some point.


What sets MIDNIGHT METHODS apart from BLK OPM, or is it a sort of creative continuum?

00:00:MM (read « Midnight Methods ») is the evolution of what started as BLK OPM. It’s the same spirit, the same attitude behind it, but marks a stepping stone in its development. And having a name that is not really a name (unless you know how to decipher it) gives it more mystery and is a way to escape normality, which in the end is our main quest: being different.


How does the ‘midnight’ concept intrigue you? what makes it so special to you?
Midnight is more than just a time on your clock. Itʼs a state in which nothing can be predicted and where intuition can transcend all points of reference. Other ways of playing the game. Alternative methods for an alternative state of mind.


Which are the main themes of your FW15 collection?

This FW15 collection has been inspired by how day exists in the night. How our decisions represent repercussions and how the incessant existence of technology has resulted in the progression of hacking to suit our creative urges. Digital vs. analogue, and vice versa. Daytime is reflected in the garments through innovative phosphorescent and reflective treatments on the printed graphics and embroideries, which react to light and can only exist in the dark. These interact with technology to create unique experiences with every wear.


Do you have a specific person in mind when designing a new collection?

Ninjas. Night crawlers. Drug dealers. Snipers. Serial killers. Hookers. Good people…