Raf Simons (the brand) and the clothes you create under your namesake label represent one way for you to EXPRESS YOURSELF. What are Raf Simons’ (the persona) ideas of the moment, what’s your current state of mind?

In the stage where I am now I see the man in a free kind of way.
Men’s fashion to me is a lot about EXPERIMENT and FREEDOM. It’s about working on a process.
I find it very interesting to see how the perception of menswear can change.
Men are out for something that is more CHALLENGING.

Your Spring Summer 2015 show made showgoers facing a state of CHAOS and anarchy in fashion, as if you wanted to turn the catwalk’s RITUAL upside down. It seemed you really wanted people to appreciate the message your collection wanted to convey, not just sit inside the venue merely looking at the clothes. What is your real sense of fashion, what’s for you the meaning of this word/world?

In fashion you don’t do things alone. All is very much about collaboration.
Creating something together like in a FAMILY.
Nowadays you can not just step into fashion and make some things.
FASHION WANTS NEW, all the time.

If you had to describe Raf Simons SS15 in a few words, which ones would you opt for?
If you had to outline a specific starting point for Raf Simons SS15, what would it be?

The SS15 collection was a very EMOTIONAL collection to me.
I had to go this way after the AW14 collaboration collection with Sterling Ruby.
I wanted to GO DEEP into my own history and memories.

Personal memories and an expression of gratitude to those who supported me and the label RAF SIMONS.

You frequently refer to clubs, and in particular to Antwerp’s new beat scene as the state of YOUTH. Is the context still fundamental for you now? Has maturity changed anything in your vision?

The label RAF SIMONS is and will always be influenced and inspired by youth culture and music.
20 years ago New Beat was indeed an inspiration to me.
Today I find so many other aspects interesting.
It is the mixture of all these aspects that continuously inspire me.

How important is 2.0 reality to you? How do you approach that in your work? Can we say that most of your brand’s visual inputs come from the web and its many platforms (let me suggest Tumblr, for example)?

I will be one of the last persons who is familiar with social media.
I respect the people who look to the world through a computer,
but for me personally I would feel like I missed a lot of REAL LIFE.

Your favorite MOTTO, and if it’s changed from your mid-90s beginning.

Actually not,
One of the key words throughout all my work and values is TRADITION.
This will always remain important to me.