Alexandre Plokhov was born in Narofominsk, USSR. Before turning to fashion design, he was trained to be an interpreter and served in the strategic missile forces. When his career switched to fashion was accompanied by the permanent move to the US. In the mid-nineties Alexandre worked first as a custom tailor and then as a pattern maker for Marc Jacobs before founding Cloak, New York-based menswear label, in 1999. During it’s seven year history Cloak garnered significant retail and editorial following. In March 2007 Plokhov was hired as the head designer for Gianni Versace Uomo. After six successful seasons in Milan Alexandre decided to launch his eponymous line, an evolution of the aesthetic Cloak had, drawn to a certain kind of music and progressive design, based on craft and a match-up of tradition and innovation.

Here the Q&A to discover something more about ALEXANDRE PLOKHOV, and the peculiar vision of the designer behind the brand.
The film here shown TERRA DAMNATA has been directed by Dusan Reljin for Alexandre Plokhov SS14.


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What was your first fashion memory, and how fashion entered your life?

Growing up I’ve seen my mother design beautiful women garments, she has been a major influence and inspiration for me becoming a designer.


Could I please ask you to define your aesthetic vision?

Dark romance would be the easiest way for me to describe my aesthetic.


Where do you catch your inspiration from? And in particular what’s the main inspiration behind this Spring/Summer 2014 collection?

The initial inspiration for this Collection was a vivid image of a group of hard men on a grueling quest that I just couldn’t shake after finishing Cormac McCarthy’s novel, Blood Meridian. Mr. McCarthy paints this picture ‘They wandered the borderland for weeks… Spectral horsemen, pale dust, anonymous… Like beings provoked out of rock…’. I wanted to capture their strength of purpose and character despite the harsh world in which they find themselves.


Do you have any muse, a kind of woman/man you take inspiration from and whom you design for?

The style of Andrew Eldritch from Sister Of Mercy has always had a influence on my collections. I’ve been a huge fan for many years!




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