Défilé was the name Rick Owens gave to his Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection; défilé not as a runway fashion show, but instead a military parade. The invitations itself was an anticipation of what has to come; a kind of black leather paddle with a buckle, minimal but severe at the same time. The men he showed us were clean as hell in their iconic Owens’ silhouettes, but brutal in the symbolism their garments hid in. Sexuality, in particular submission, and authority, in particular domination, were the opposite Rick Owens has played with, stretching from zips, handcuffs, straps and massive high-neck scarfs and cashmere nun-like headgears.
He wanted to take a break from the theatrical shows he had done in Bercy moving to Palais de Chaillot, showing us a more spiritual and intimate part of himself.
The finale was a literal défilé, with the models all dressed up in black, with RP Boo’s Off Da Hook on the soundtrack.


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