‘You have to make it more real’ – Neil Barrett claimed backstage after his just passed FW14-15 men’s show. His statement modernism, this time more modern then ever, was infact all about the people he saw wearing his clothes, taking inspiration directly from their attitude. The sweatshirt, of course, was not only once again a massive focus of the collection, as it perfectly embodies his steamlined aesthetic crossing over sportswear and tailoring, but also a lynchpin of the whole work. Barrett himself was again inspired by his clients, wearing those sweaters as outerwear, without jackets or coats. So he created jackets and coats rendered as light and simple to wear as a sweatshirt.
Hybrid fabrics and processes came over, and a lot of experimentation and juxtapositions were made on outerwear. Rothko was a reference for the degrade, and brown, dark chocolate, ebony, walnut, plum, blue, violet and maroon leathers and suedes were used as clean canvases for various explorations.
Not to miss was the lighting bolt, the symbol and leitmotif of this Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection: cut through sweaters, tuxedos and bomber jackets, best representing Neil Barrett’s sharp and dynamic idea.


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