Gesaffelstein’s ‘Destinations’ exploded together with electric blue neon lights on the dark runway of KRISVANASSCHE Fall/Winter 2014-15 show. Young guys walked down, almost running, in a funny variation of what’s known as the core of the french menswear brand, tailoring and sportswear, this time interpreted in a poppish and quite active way. John Baldessari’s black and white photorealism joint by bright splashes of abstracted colors was the art reference behind Van Assche’s work, ‘Man Running’ in particular, which gave also the name to the collection, RUN. Traditional motifs as herringbone and teeth of houndstooth have been inflated and transformed into a graphic reality, with a playful twist as a pleasant surprise from the usually quite serious belgian designer. Furthermore, the teeth of the houndstooth, present also on the invitation, gave space to an idea of logo, as if KRISVANASSCHE decide to indulge in creating a logo branded identity, as the ideal sportwear label does. Not only color, but also a nice overlaying of pieces have been made, taking back to memory sporty silhouettes.