On Friday 17th January 2014, for Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014-15 show, La Halle Freyssinet became a baseball court: a wired loop fence the models walked into – faces concealed with tight fishnets – with the baseball court markings in flashy neon. The guys’ attitude was influenced by some back-in-the-days beauty, in particular to the elegance of gentlemen during twenties. Also the art reference is dated to a contemporaneous brilliant design movement, the Bauhaus. Riccardo Tisci, indeed, took lines and colors from that kind of avant-garde minimalism, and transposed it in graphic and abstract motifs and strokes.
The basketball ball graphic appears on opening pieces as a blurred soft sketch, then becoming sharper as a Kandinskij-like motif, then again transforming its nature and looping as a silver zip around leather bombers and off-white shirts.
Streetwear is again a crush for Tisci, that showed caps, looser pants and trainers alongside tailor pieces; a casual way of tailoring has born.
Last but absolutely not least, Mariacarla Boscono made her appaerance twice into that gang of gamers, firstly dressed up in a black top and oversized men’s suit along with sneakers, and then wrapped up in a fur towel around the neck and a sequined tank top underneath.


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