Jacopo Alessandria and Pietro Maderna are the two minds behind The Textile Rebels project. Working at the core of one of Italian leading most established printed fabrics manufacturer, two young designers, creating prints and graphics to all major international fashion labels, decided two years ago to launch their own fashion brand. Eccentric prints inspired by street culture and codes, rock and rap icons, arts and the movies animate a capsule collection made of few, strong must-haves for both men and women. The Textile Rebels has quickly grown into a more articulate and sought after collection. The “Black Magic” capsule has been created for Claudio Antonioli by the designer duo and is made of super supple black fleece items decorated with printed scuba fabric patches recalling street culture codes and symbols.

Here the Q&A to discover something more about The Textile Rebels, and the peculiar vision of the designers behind the brand.



What was your first fashion memory, and how fashion entered your life?

JACOPO – I remember getting struck by Hedi Slimane’s vision, since his first appearance in the fashion world.

PIETRO – When I was a child, at our factory, my uncle showed me the prints he was developing for
Wunderkind – that inspired me to start drawing.


Could I please ask you to define your aesthetic vision?

J – Functional, inspired by streetwear with a luxury edge.

P – Visionary, unexpected yet practical.


Where do you catch your inspiration from? And in particular what’s the main inspiration behind this Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection?

J, P – Definitely from underground and urban subculture.


Do you have any muse, a kind of woman/man you take inspiration from and whom you design for?

J, P – We design for an eclectic person, who defines rather than being influenced by trends. We tend to have a unisex vision.


How much your life and mainly your work is influenced by our by now 2.0 reality?

J – I am extremely influenced and inspired by social media and the web both at work and in my private life.

P – More than social media, I am deeply intrigued by images and music videos I find on the web.




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