Horisaki is a design duo with a mixed heritage from Sweden and Japan. Milliner Karin Linder and jewelry designer Makoto Horisaki met in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 and shortly after putting their handcraft skills and creativity into the new label Horisaki. With influences from nature and past cultures, where accessories had a purpose, they decided to reinvent and introduce their design ideas into a new design perspective and accessories. The hats are handmade, honoring the traditions of the trade, of the finest materials and produced in an old farmhouse on the swedish countryside.

Here the Q&A to discover something more about Horisaki, and the peculiar vision of the designers behind the brand.



What was your first fashion memory, and how fashion entered your life?

MAKOTO – I was born and grew up 80s-90s in Japan and that time was very exiting for me to see different people with different fashion and styles. I got stuck on vintage because vintage is something you can wear and remain unique. Chance to be alone with something. Can make your own fashion. Minimal details like how the materials wear and tare or how stitches are sewn. Since then I always hunt for unique pieces.

KARIN – I grew up on a farm, outside a very small community. There was no fashion. Then, I bought a stack of 80s fashion magazines at the local flea market and started sewing my own clothes. People probably thought I was crazy, but I was content.

M, K – Fashion is all around us from when we are born. As you grow older you find ways to use fashion as a way to express yourself, but fashion mustn’t define you.


Could I please ask you to define your aesthetic vision?

M, K – Our aesthetic vision has its roots in natural wear and tare. Our hats are handmade and there lies our passion. We get inspired by the handicraft and by excellent materials. Minimalistic details that gets people thinking. Well made and carefully constructed pieces in contrast with brutal material manipulation makes harmony from which springs life and beauty. Functional, inspired by streetwear with a luxury edge.


Where do you catch your inspiration from? And in particular what’s the main inspiration behind this Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection?

M, K – Inspiration is everywhere. Everything we can see, meet and feel. From family to splinters in an old floor, it’s endless.We are drawn to nature and every year we seem to move further and further in to it. Nature, adventure, survival and traditional handicraft is our true inspiration. FW2013 is very much inspired by fire and water, it’s the roots of creation. Our hats can be, and some of them have been, created without electricity.


Do you have any muse, a kind of woman/man you take inspiration from and whom you design for?

M, K – Our son, he is the reason for everything. We make samples for him and see if the style works.


How much your life and mainly your work is influenced by our by now 2.0 reality?

M, K – This digital and technical world is giving us new space. Internet has made everything easier for us since we live in the swedish countryside, far from any big cities, it truly makes what we do possible.




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