A vision for eyewear that celebrates the bold innovations of the last century and embraces cutting-edge technological advancements. 8000 has infinite meanings, some of them yet to be explored. It’s namesake references the 14 highest peaks in the world, with an altitude greater than 8,000 meters above sea level, also known as the eight-thousanders or ‘gli ottomila’. Inspiration is drawn from the world of technology, equipments, and mechanics where function is the ultimate form of beauty. The uniqueness of the product lies in its simplicity while honoring an expression of craftsmanship that prefers durability over the ephemeral. The eyewear is crafted entirely by hand in Italy, with an obsessive attention to detail, quality, and form. The ultra-flat glass lens with anti-reflex treatment, an updated edition of those of the climbers in the 1930’s, produces the highest quality UV filter for your eyes.

Here the Q&A to discover something more about 8000 Eyewear, and the peculiar vision of its Creative Director.



What was your first fashion memory, and how fashion entered your life?

My earliest memories runs to the cinema icons like Steve McQueen, Marcello Mastroianni and Sean Connery. Their elegance and in particular their attitude makes anything they wear cool.
Fashion has always interested me, especially for the historical value it represents and how it marks a timeframe.


Could I please ask you to define your aesthetic vision?

My aesthetic vision is a mix between classic elegance, minimalism and functionality.
If I have to find a name for my esthetics I’d like to call it “Performante Classico”.
Comfort and functionality comes first, mixed with an extremely cure of details and the finest materials. A mix that become classic and modern at the same time.


Where do you catch your inspiration from? And in particular what’s the main inspiration behind this Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection?

The inspiration comes from the past, from visual arts and from the nature.
I love the simplicity and the functionality of the military elements, designed just for a function and not for esthetic reason.
For this particular collection called 8000Metri the inspiration comes from the Mountaineers of the 30’s.
These explorers’ feats were facilitated by a new generation of equipment, crafted by hand to resolve the particular needs of their heroic users.


Do you have any muse, a kind of woman/man you take inspiration from and whom you design for?

I design for myself and for the ideal man I would like to be.


How much your life and mainly your work is influenced by our by now 2.0 reality?

New technologies are a big help in communication , tools that we have to use with responsibly.
The heritage of the past, are values that we have to exploit and carry to the next generations too and not leave out the artisanal workers.


To discover more about OTTOMILA inspirational world, here the tumblr.