‘I Want to Break Free’: Queen’s finale song of the show is the best clue to get you known of what Gareth Pugh wanted to be and to go through with his spring/summer collection. He showed us not what we expected and used to see from him, but something different and peculiar – I dare say something funnier than usual. ‘It’s that idea that if you’re pleasing everyone, you’re doing something wrong! Sometimes you’re trapped in the expectations of what other people think of you.’
The first exit of the show was the perfect startling manifesto: a windy mermaid dressed up in a teal (not turquoise, as Gareth corrected during the after show interview) long dress and a pinky feather headpiece.
Sophisticated but hysteric at the same, glamorous showgirls with exaggerated eyebrows made their appearance along the runway in plastic molded bodices and structured silhouettes reminding of first Gareth Pugh collections, more architectonic and less romantic than the just passed ones.
We should have grasped some hints when we found ourselves in a room smelling of chlorine and with teal lights: ‘I really wanted the audience to wade through a footbath before taking their seats’.


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