Tatsuro Horikawa speaks a visual language that’s absolutely not fashionable; his aim infact is an emotional and avant-garde project that counts a mixture of elements coming from different fields and roots: techno music, emotional communication, japanese core and a deep appreciation for black just to mention a few.
All these hints create a real JULIUS collection, something that contributes to a person’s total life-style and existence. As a designer, he literally feels a creative urge, his imaginative world runs all around, and within his mind there’s a ‘sharp and metallic industrial mayeh’. But when the process is complete, here comes the deal, and I dare say an exceptional outcome also.
No exceptions for this fall-winter [ c r a c k ; ] collection.
Leather jackets, stretch jacquard blazers, drop and crotch pants, lapel collars, military boots: minimal, undetached and cutting-edge. In a totally innate way.


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JULIUS [ c r a c k ; ]


peak lapel collar jacket super drop crotch pants super drop crotch pants


super drop crotch pants fencing eye snap collar jacket peak lapel collar jacket


fencing eye snap collar jacket military reverse leather boots classic minimal stand collar jacket


stretch jacquard denim jacket stretch jacquard denim jacket


super drop crotch pants minimal stand collar jacket military reverse leather boots PEAK LAPEL COLLAR JACKET




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